Personalised Wedding Dress Travel Boxes

Jul 17 2014

If you are travelling abroad this year to get married you need a Personalised Wedding Dress Travel Box. One of your main concerns will be transporting your wedding dress on a plane safely. We have come across a company that can help relieve that stress and worry about your bridal gown, leaving you to focus on your big day. The best and safest way to travel is with a wedding dress carry on box, that can be carried on as hand luggage with you. Having your wedding dress close by will alleviate any stress you may have, imagine if the airline lost your wedding dress?

Personalised Wedding Dress Travel Boxes

At Bonbod’s they can actually personalise your wedding dress travel box, they supply boxes in both pink and white, they are suitable for most airline hand luggage size restrictions. The size of their travel boxes are 53 x 40 x 20cms, but always contact your airline to double check things. The wedding boxes can be personalised with your name, wedding date and wedding location, they come with acid free tissue paper and also FREE dress folding instructions.

I wanted a travel box that was unique and matched my wedding theme, they personalised it for me in purple with matching ribbon and also sent a “Just Married” tag for my return journey. They even added a pair of “Lovecats” onto the box which is something that is special to me and my husband to be.

When the box arrived I was in tears, it was so beautiful, exactly what I wanted. The designs Bonbods’ are able to produce are the best I’ve ever seen not just a label stuck onto the box, Bonnie was so helpful nothing was too much trouble. It was delivered extremely quickly and I will be ordering a personalised wedding dress storage box after the wedding.

Personalised Large Wedding Dress Storage Boxes & Wedding Card Post boxes also available

If you would like something completely different to amaze other passengers and brides at the airport I recommend you check out Bonbod’s for wedding dress travel boxes, large wedding dress storage boxes and wedding card post boxes. All can be personalised with your own details and colour choice :)


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